Remote Global Education

Summit Series


Our two-day summits bring together students from multiple cultural, socioeconomic, and geographic backgrounds to listen to expert speakers, engage in dialogue, and collaborate on projects that matter.

Our Summit Calendar

Envisioning the Future of Food and Society

September 2021

Taking a Stand: Athletes, Artists, and Activism

October 2021

Can We Vs Should We? Global Bioethics, Smart Tech, and Our Planet’s Future

November 2021

Changemakers in Focus: The People Advancing Sustainable Development

December 2021

Dance Around the World: A Window into Culture and History

January 2021

Counting Hours: Finding Honest Approaches to Service Learning

February 2021

Choose to Challenge: Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 2022

Now or Never: Adding Urgency to Earth Day

April 2022

Unfiltered: Improving Civic Discourse in the Digital Age

May 2022

No Straight Path: Elevating the Voices of LGBT+ Changemakers

June 2022

In Search of the New: Adventure in the Modern Age

July 2022

Making Choices for Everyone‘s Health and Wellbeing

August 2022

Additional Virtual Offerings

Expand, experience, explore.

EnvoysX virtual travel programs allow educators and students to expand on the possibilities of remote global education and experiential learning.

The skills and attitudes taught in global education have never been more valuable: resiliency, cooperation, critical thinking, and empathy. Envoys is dedicated to ensuring that virtual learning is not just a condition, but a new arena for designing and implementing innovative learning experiences.

Our virtual programs and consulting services allow students to evolve these skills through active, focused studies of issues of global significance, scheduled and customized to meet schools’ parameters and goals.

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