Trouble the Waters, Heal the World

A Middle School Virtual Conference, April 28th-30th, 2021

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School and Envoys collaborated to offer the Activate Your Citizenship: Trouble the Waters, Heal the World conference in April. This 2.5-day conference convened middle school students from around the world to work together to explore their individual and collective perspectives on the obligations and rights of citizenship (both globally and nationally) in the wake of major global upheaval in 2020. As communities large and small reconcile with the events of the last twelve months politically, socially, and economically, students came together to consider their generation’s role and intended legacy in the 21st century.

Program Details

Age group:  Students aged 11 – 15

Conference Schedule:

Wednesday, April 28th: 4 – 6:30pm EST 

Daily Theme: Diversity: Gather from Around the World 

Thursday, April 29th: 11am – 4pm EST 

Daily Theme: Courage: Finding your Voice to Lead

Friday, April 30th: 11am – 4pm EST 

Daily Theme: Teamwork Skills: Real Problems Require Real Solutions

Conference Learning Goals:

Participants will collaborate and build relationships with peer students from various delegations from around the world, as well as explore their own identities as citizens of the countries they inhabit and of the broader globe.

Students will consider their perspectives on the obligations of citizenship in these realms as it relates to their own passions, and advocate for their generation’s collective leadership and stewardship of key global challenges. 

Conference Partners

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with the following organizations for this virtual event:

Daily Schedule

Welcome from Organizers
Keynote Speaker
Community Building

Warm-Ups & Meaning-Building Exercise
Virtual Immersion Visits to King Center, Ebeneezer Baptist Church, Atlanta History Museum, Civil and Human Rights, Dignity Museum (Love Beyond Walls), MLK Jr.’s Home
Courage & Adventure Activity
“Virtual Homestay” Meal with Partner
Expert Speaker: Finding Your Voice

Warm-Ups & Collective Definitions Protocol
Expert Speaker: What the World Needs Now
Virtual Site Visits: Centers for Disease Control, Gold Dome, SCAD
“Virtual Homestay” Meal with Partner
Project Simulations Based on Site Visits
Pay It Forward Activities
Closing Ceremony