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We work with schools in creating global education programming that suits their needs.  Collaborate with a member of our team to create an experiential virtual program that brings global education to your local community.

Our virtual programs can be easily adapted to any schedule or time frame. Select one of our readymade programs, or collaborate with our team to design your own custom program.

Programs can be facilitated by Envoys educators or by school faculty.

Program Design Philosophy

Student Growth

Programs must be designed to facilitate the investigation of globally significant issues and develop transferable skills. This vision is driven by the school, with Envoys supporting in the development of school’s goals.

Pedagogy Driven

Every lesson and every activity must be intentional. A program’s flexibility must be in response to the educational needs of its students.


Program design is a iterative process. Today’s ceiling must be tomorrow’s floor. We work with schools to push the boundaries of global education.

Prove Value

Teaching for understanding requires a demonstration of that learning. Evaluations are necessary to prove a program’s worth to all stakeholders. We hold programs to the same standards as classroom education.

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