Global Essentials Online

Envoys GEO is a suite of synchronous micro-credential programs that develop the capacity and disposition to understand and take action on issues of global significance. They are recommended for students engaging in an intercultural exchange, preparing for an international travel experience, or looking to increase their abilities to serve as an active global citizen.

Ranging from 90-120 minutes, these highly interactive sessions focus on the development of specific skill sets. Students gain a foundational understanding of concepts through the use of structured thinking routines, while engagement in participatory role plays and case study discussions allow rapid testing of skills-in-practice. 

Taking full advantage of the opportunities created by the virtual format, our synchronous sessions are open to students from multiple schools and geographic locations, prioritizing interactions between peers. Total groups can range in size from 8 to 48, while facilitated breakout rooms ensure individual development of skills. Following each synchronous session, individual students complete a summative assessment to receive a micro-credit for the topic. 

Learning Domains and Micro-Credentials

Positive Youth Development

The expansion of a young person’s character that increases their aptitude to become independent and lead collaborative teams to make positive contributions to society.

Sociocultural Awareness

The ability to foster relationships across differences and engage in meaningful work with people from different geographic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Environmental Awareness

The development of an empathic understanding of the natural world that results in respect for nature as well as a vested interest to behave responsibly towards the environment.

Enriched Learning

 The deeper understanding of complex cultural, societal, and political systems that allow an individual to formulate opinions and make informed decisions.

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