Carbon Offsets

Educational travel is bad for our planet.

Every flight, bus, hotel, and meal contributes to the increased emission of greenhouse gases that are warming our planet. This is an inconvenient truth for a sector that prioritizes teaching students about environmental sustainability, responsible travel, and wise stewardship of our shared global commons.

We think this should change.

For Envoys, this means an ambitious and concentrated effort to mitigate climate changing emissions on our programs, with the immediate consequence that all program flights for 2019-2020 will be offset. We will provide opportunities for travelers and schools to make additional offsets, as we work towards net carbon neutrality on our programs by 2022, and complete net neutrality as an organization by 2025.

Offsets go to funding carbon-mitigation projects across the globe. Envoys partners with CoolEffect to select, vet, fund, and verify carbon offset projects. With a Gold Rating from Guidestar, CoolEffect has been reducing carbon emissions since 2015. 

All projects that Envoys supports are carefully selected, meticulously analyzed, and scientifically verified to reduce carbon emissions, meeting the requirements of the world’s major standards-setting bodies.

2019-2020 Carbon Calculations*

Carbon Offset


Metric Tons

Carbon Created


Estimated Metric Tons

*Totals for program departures from September 1st, 2019 through January 15th, 2020

Projects Supported


Affordable Cookstoves

This project makes and distributes cookstoves that reduce charcoal or wood use for cooking by over 50%.


Alto Mayo
Protected Forest

This project seeks to protect nearly 450,000 acres from deforestation. More trees = more oxygen.



This project builds biogas digesters that convert organic waste into clean renewable energy to fuel clean cookstoves.
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There are no easy answers.

Offsetting carbon emissions, while part of the UN Climate Neutral Now initiative, introduces complexities around measurement, monitoring, and pricing. Additionally, real ethical questions arise around the creation of a system of ‘commercial indulgences’ absolving our carbon sins.

We recognize these shortcomings, and continue to engage in debate and discussions (both internally and externally) on the best path forward. Ultimately, we do not accept that inaction is a responsible or valid alternative, and we believe that initiatives such as these are one way that we can begin to meet our wider responsibilities.

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Follow the links below to better understand the concepts and criticisms surrounding ‘carbon neutrality’

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Overview of Carbon Offsetting from the United Nations

Engage Your Students!

Download the lesson materials, and adapt for use inside (and outside) of your classroom!

Lesson 1: Overview of Carbon Offsets

Lesson 2: Calculating Carbon on Travel Programs

Lesson 3: A Realistic View of Carbon Neutrality

Interactive Climate Simulation: MIT C-Roads

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