Open Student Programs

Becoming A Global Leader

This asynchronous, 7-hour program provides high school students with the opportunity to explore their own pathway to leadership. Guided and inspired by a speakers series of global leaders working on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, students reflect on how they might find their purpose and engage in a career of meaningful work on global issues.

2020 Student SDG Summit

Envoys is proud to host the Student SDG Summit on November 7th and 8th, 2020, for innovative students to take part in designing, testing, and iterating new ways to accelerate progress towards making substantial change in their communities. Over the course of the summit, cohorts of students from around the world will gain inspiration from expert speakers and engage together in a virtual collaboration.Attendees will have the chance to further their ideas through the United Nations Association.

GEO Micro-Credential Courses

Global Essentials Online is a suite of synchronous micro-credential programs recommended for students seeking to increase their ability to serve as an active global citizen. Ranging from 90-120 minutes, these highly interactive sessions focus on the development of specific skill sets. Students gain a foundational understanding of concepts through the use of structured thinking routines, while engagement in participatory role plays and case studies allow rapid testing of skills-in-practice

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