OpsFox: Mobile Training System

The Challenges


Institutional Risk
The expansion of opportunities for educational, business and personal travel increases individual and institutional exposure to risk.


Unfamiliar Contexts
Program leaders, local tour guides and vendors must navigate unfamiliar situations, solve logistical issues, and make reasonable decisions, all in contexts that are isolated from organizational resources and support structures.


Inconsistent Training
Tourism vendors and hospitality workers face their own set of issues, with inconsistencies in training and how safety policies and practices are implemented and regulated.

The Solutions


Training Made Easy
Provide affordable, easy-to-access training and tools to support tour guides and operators to meet a reasonable standard of preparedness and safety.


Establish common language and procedures for vetting, approving, and implementing travel programming and safety protocols.


App-based Solutions
Utilize technological platforms to provide training, advisement in the field and document protocols and procedures.

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OpsFox Mobile Training and Safety System


All program leaders, local tour guides and tourism vendors understand the obligations that they are assuming when leading programs and working with customers.

Program leaders, guides and vendors know how to access the tools available to support them, and how to utilize these resources to approach challenging situations during training and once in the field.

Mobile Support Systems

Risk management checklists help program leaders, guides and vendors to assess contexts and aid decision making around transportation, water activities, hiking, and other situations with heightened risk profiles.

Guidelines provide recommended practices for navigating common logistical issues including managing groups in airports, checking into accommodations, ordering food and following hygienic and distancing guidelines around COVID-19.

Daily and incident reports trigger email/SMS to various stakeholders, facilitating the dissemination of information and allowing for rapid activation of resources during a crisis.

Documented Procedures

All completed checklists and report submissions are timestamped and geolocated, providing documented proof of standards in practice.

Programs and operators have uniform and recorded procedures, bolstering the establishment of evidentiary records for meeting a reasonable duty of preparedness and safety.

All protocols and checklists can be updated and accessed immediately to ensure timely transmission of important information between organizations and staff.


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