Readymade Programs

Thematic and place-based programming.

Our readymade programs are designed to be flexible, making them easily adapted to any schedule, timeframe or learning goals. Within each program, out-in-the-world asynchronous assignments complement dynamic synchronous sessions facilitated by our global team of program leaders and expert guest speakers.

Thematic Programs

tech, coding and innovation in the 21st century
Tech, Coding and Innovation in the 21st Century

Access an insider’s perspective on today’s fastest-growing industry. Students learn coding, explore careers in tech, and interview professionals to discuss innovations and issues in the industry.

gaming the system: understanding how and why we play
Gaming the System: Understanding How and Why We Play

Study the role of games in different societies around the world. Students explore the aspects of cultures that define what makes a game and study the conditions that allowed certain games to become global. 

election 2020: the fundamentals of campaigning
Election 2020: The Fundamentals of Campaigning

Broaden your knowledge of the fundamentals of national campaigns in the US. Students get a crash course in the electoral college, fundraising, ad buys, staffing, polling, and policy as we lead up to the 2020 election.

white gold: sugar, slavery and you
White Gold: Sugar, Slavery and You

Gain a deeper understanding of the development of sugar mill slave plantations in Brazil, the Caribbean, and eventually the American South, as well as sugar’s historical and current impact on the natural environment.

traditional ecological knowledge
Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Get an introduction the evolving knowledge acquired by Indigenous peoples over millenia of direct contact with the environment. Students learn how to become more engaged with TEK and work to ensure its survival.

sampling: the roots of hip-hop
Sampling: The Roots of Hip-Hop

Study the long and storied history of sampling, remixing and innovation in Hip-Hop and R&B. Students discover how music is celebrated and repurposed to meet the moment, and work on their own productions.

Place-Based Programs

spain: exploring history through artifacts
Spain: Exploring History through Artifacts

Learn how multiple cultures developed and thrived alongside or in conflict with one another, leaving visible traces in the cultural and physical landscape. Students come to understand physical artifacts as keys to understanding history.

colombia: peace be the journey
Colombia: Peace be the Journey

Explore the ongoing peace process in Colombia, a nation whose turbulent past is rapidly receding. Learn the historical truth of the process, name assumptions and unlearn false stereotypes about this remarkable nation.

peru: tourism’s impact in rural communities
Peru: Tourism’s Impact in Rural Communities

Students participate in an interactive apprenticeship with a rural community in central Peru, learning how tourism has impacted the area, while also investigating plans that incubators and national leadership and have for sustainable tourism development. 

spain: exploring history through artifacts
Panama: Indigenous Sovereignty under International Law

Students meet experts from the Mamonì National Preserve and Indigenous leaders working to develop agricultural ventures that do not harm the protected rainforest they live within. As the inherent complexity of land management unfolds, students complete a project related to better understanding the global solutions experts are employing from other global contexts. 

colombia: peace be the journey
Liquid Gold: Islam, Oil and the Environment in Oman and the UAE

Students develop fact-based perspectives on the faith of Islam, and then consider the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution, a social principle and responsibility of the State. We explore the methods by which this constitutional principle is carried out, and whether the nation is succeeding at preserving ecosystems while also uplifting the economy through oil reserves.

peru: tourism’s impact in rural communities
South Korea: The Cresting Wave

 From recipient of development aid to a donor, we explore the methods by which South Korea has quickly become a player in the globalized economy. Students engage with North Korean refugees to gain a better perspective on how the perpetual threat of invasion from the North has influenced development in the South.

spain: exploring history through artifacts
Sri Lanka: Real People, Real Friendships

Explore the history of colonialism, the development of tea plantations, and the nation’s deep Buddhist culture. Students gain an understanding of how the geography of the island country has shaped its economic and cultural identity, and do remote service work with the Educate Lanka Foundation.

colombia: peace be the journey
Japan: Adopt, Adapt, Adept

Come to understand the cross-section of technology and society as manifested by modern Japanese living. Students will become familiar with the concept of disaster preparedness both in theory and practice, develop a framework to understand geological disasters and the challenges of urbanization in a geologically volatile place, and in the era of climate change. 

peru: tourism’s impact in rural communities
Panama: Biodiversity, People and Land

Students connect with local indigenous leaders all collaboratively working to develop agricultural ventures that do not harm the protected rainforest they live within. As the inherent complexity of land management unfolds, students complete a project related to solutions experts are employing in other global contexts. 

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