What is an EnvoysX program?

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At Envoys, global education has always been about what you do, not where you go.  Our decade of experience with blended models of online and experiential education has provided us with a unique capability to support our partner schools.

We believe that essential work includes teaching students to appreciate diverse perspectives, understand the connections they have to the wider world, respectively and effectively communicate and collaborate across cultures and countries, and use disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge to investigate and take action on issues that matter to them and the wider world.

We recognize that it can be difficult to conceptualize how global education programming can be implemented in the virtual space.

This page details pedagogical elements, program schedules, and example activities, in order to provide a better understanding of what is entailed in an EnvoysX program.


“Rather than trying to minimize screen time, I think parents and teachers should try to maximize creative time.”

~Mitch Resnick, MIT Media Lab

Students and teachers are spending more time than ever before on on their phones, tablets, and computers–with this come the inevitable Zoom fatigue. However, Zoom fatigue doesn’t come from screen time alone, rather it is the result of a haphazard attempt to graft technology over existing curriculum, falling short of providing the autonomy, mastery, and purpose necessary for student motivation. Envoys draws upon a decade of experience with online courses and a unique fusion of pedagogical models to create highly engaging collaborative learning experiences.


The two programs below illustrate the content, flow, and pedagogical framing utilized in EnvoysX programs. Every pedagogical element described above is represented in the activities mapped in these samples. Each module typically represents one 2-3 hour synchronous session, but each can be split and adapted as is convenient for the schedule of your school.


The Pay It Forward Project

The Pay It Forward project allows students to bring their specific passions, talents, and skills to the table to design an initiative or campaign that ignites meaningful action on one of the issues explored during the program. Students are encouraged to draw inspiration from individuals and organizations already hard at work on the issue, and to support or expand existing efforts rather than erase or replace them. Pay It Forward projects help students bring their learning back to their campus or home community and inspire personal, sustained engagement with the issue. 

Examples of Completed Pay It Forward Projects

The OneDoc

On a similar note, OneDocs result in great artifacts of learning that reflect the process of each class, the questions that remain, and the conclusions drawn through Meaning Building Activities, Case Studies, and discussions. Check out a sample OneDoc below!

How can we help to build YOUR EnvoysX Program?

Envoys is dedicated to serving as a platform for innovative schools and teachers to push the boundaries of global education. Whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid, every program is customized to fit the unique educational context of our partners. We’d love to hear about your needs, and see how we can help!