Toolkits and Trainings

Virtual education can be infused with experiential learning. We know this because we’ve been doing it for a decade.

Envoys is dedicated to ensuring that global education at our partner schools not simply survives, but thrives. Our mission is to serve as a platform for innovative schools and teachers to develop students who understand and take action on issues of global significance. The current pandemic has only given this work greater importance and higher urgency. Our training sessions provide educators with pedagogical methods and planning tools for implementing high quality virtual global education.

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Upcoming Sessions

Envoys will continue hosting training sessions throughout the 2020-2021 school year for educators who want to expand their virtual capacities.

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Please contact us to organize private training sessions for a cohort of teachers from your school.


 The best programs extend beyond the Zoom room. From guided outdoor meditations, to mapping exercises, to local ecological surveys, to community interviews, this session introduces ideas for educators on how to bring a ‘sense of place’ to the virtual experience and help their students ground their learning in their physical and social contexts.

Redesigning Curriculum
for Virtual Space

Educators around the world have had to redesign their in-person sessions for a virtual setting, a task that has been challenging in many dimensions. We will learn how to use our Virtual Program Design Kit to transform the elements of your existing curriculum and integrate them into a virtual/hybrid setting that is equally engaging and enriching for students. 

Student Engagement

This session covers the ‘quick tricks’ of unofficial starts and active movements as well as design elements to imbue each course with the autonomy, mastery, and purpose necessary for student motivation. 

Designing Virtual Global Education Programming

 The wide variety of options available in the virtual realm can appear overwhelming. This workshop utilizes a competency-based approach to develop clarity around the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and what formative and summative assessments will make learnings visible.

Group Design

Over the course of a day, you’ll join a cohort of educators from a diverse set of schools working in your area of expertise for a virtual collaboration. Following the precepts of design thinking, teams develop subject-specific prototypes for programming that support learner agency, facilitate learning across differences, and demonstrate results to different stakeholders.

Critical Inquiry

Created by Envoys, Critical Inquiry Cards are a learning tool that help educators conduct complex conversations around issues of global significance. During the session, we will learn different methods to use the cards to spark and guide discussions with students and understand how to integrate them into the regular classroom curriculum.