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  • I. Acknowledgment of Risk

    I understand and certify that my own or my child/ward’s participation in the Envoys Program ( “Program”) and its activities is completely voluntary. I have familiarized myself with the Program, and the activities in which I or my child/ward will be participating. I represent that I am or my child/ward is able, with or without accommodation, to participate in the Program and the activities.

    I further recognize that certain hazards and dangers are inherent in common Program activities, and I acknowledge that Envoys cannot ensure nor guarantee that the participants and/or activities will be free of hazards. I further acknowledge that I am aware of and have instructed my child/ward in the importance of maintaining appropriate behavior during the Program.

    To the extent my child/ward’s has any medical or mental health issues, I understand and agree that it is solely the responsibility of my child/ward and legal guardian(s) – with whatever advice we choose to obtain from my child/ward’s medical or mental health care providers – to determine that my child/ward can safely participate in the Program. Envoys has no responsibility and has made no recommendations of any kind with respect to my child/ward’s physical, mental, or other capacity to participate in the Program.
  • II. Virtual Programming Requirements

    I have read and accept the terms of Envoys Privacy Policy at envoys.com/privacy-policy regarding the collection, storage, and use of personal information as part of participation in the Program.

    It is my responsibility to provide any equipment needed for the Program, such as a computer, tablet, internet access, headset, earphones, microphone, camera, etc. I understand and agree that refunds will not generally be provided in the event that my internet service should fail during the course of the Program. I also understand that any damage to said equipment is the sole responsibility of the owner of said equipment. I will not hold Envoys responsible for any damage that may happen during the Program.

    If my child/ward is under 13 years of age, I will maintain and supervise any online accounts that they may participate in. If my child/ward is 13 or over, I am giving them permission to participate in any Program that they may access through their own social media or other online accounts.

    I understand that two-way classes or group sessions that my child/ward participates in will be closed and will only allow registered participants and approved Program staff, volunteers, and speakers will participate. I will ensure that my child/ward is appropriately dressed and that the computer and camera that they are using does not show inappropriate things in our home.

    I understand that collaboration with other participants is inherent to the nature of the Program, and my child may be placed in virtual breakout groups with and without adult supervision. Appropriate behavior for participants will be expected. Bullying, including cyberbullying, during a session or outside of a session is not appropriate. Issues and consequences will be addressed with any child and parent/guardian including and not limited to temporary or permanent removal from the Program.

    If my child or I upload any photos or videos of my child, our family and/or their activities, I am giving permission for them to be used and shared publicly. I understand that my child may be in either a screenshot and/or video record. These artifacts may be used by Envoys for training and informational purposes. It is solely my responsibility to inform Envoys in advance for any limitations I wish to place on my child being recorded.
  • III. General Release

    Should I or my child/ward sustain any injury of any kind or any property damage as a result of participation in this Program, I hereby release and hold harmless Envoys and their management, agents, and employees from any and all liability claims, actions, costs and expenses that may arise from injury or harm, except to the extent that the liability, damage, injury, loss, accident or illness is caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Envoys.